A low key car manufacturer that create cars that look like nothing else, Abarth is an Italian company that makes both race and road cars. The vehicles they manufacture are easy to recognised due to their logo, with it being a stylized scorpion on a red and yellow background.

Abarth was first set up in 1949 by Carlo Abarth, choosing his astrological sign Scorpio as the companies logo. At first they focused on creating exhaust pipes and racing Cisitalia cars, until 1951 when the headquarters were moved to Turin. Carlo Abarth started to work with Fiat, creating the Abarth 1500 Biposto.

For many years they simply focused on creating vehicles that were designed for racing, based off Fiat’s technology. By 1971 Fiat bought out Abarth, with them being part of the racing department. In 2007 Fiat relaunched Abarth, releasing a new set of vehicles that were suitable for modern times.

These modern vehicles are well known to have a unique city style look whilst still being speedy. Don’t be fooled by their size. Although they’re a compact car, they provide an impressive driving experience.

Just by looking at their range you can tell that they’ve learnt from decisions made in the past. The Abarth Punto is one of their most popular cars, with a fast engine, good handling and decent value. Abarth have use their experience in racing cars to create a city car that provides an excellent driving experience.

When it comes to equipment, you won’t be missing out either. With cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, guide me home headlights and a space saver spare wheel being standard depending on the model you choose, there’s a number of options that can improve your driving experience.

Abarth vehicles are best used for city driving, especially if you drive on the motorway. Due to their size they aren’t great for transporting a large amount of items, but are suitable for shopping and luggage. They are able to drive through tight locations, and are a great choice if you only have a small space to get into.

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