Containing All The Following Manuals…

Builders Manual Covering The Following Topics…

Construction Administration & Safety Safety Program Drawings & Specifications
Design of Structural Members Drawings Sectional Views
Schedules Written Specifications Power Tools
Materials Woodworking Methods Millwork
Fastening Methods Wire Rope Block & Tackle
Hoisting Scaffolding Levels
Levelling Rods Differential Levelling Building Layouts
Concrete Mix’s Mixing Concrete Precast & Tiltup Concrete
Formwork Reinforced Concrete Concrete Construction Joints
Sawing Concrete Placing Concrete Concrete Finishing
Masonry Tools & Equipment Concrete Masonry Brick Masonry
Defiintions Planning Documentation Estimating

Building Manual Covering The Following Topics…

Light Floor Wall Framing Wood Sill Framing Floor Framing
Wall Framing Ceiling Framing Terminology
Framing Square Designs Trusses
Roof Construction & Carpentry Roof Sheathing Exterior Trim
Roofing Terms & Materials Exterior Wall Finishing Wall Coverings
Exterior Doors Windows Glass
Interior Wall Finishing Drywall & Coverings Acoustic Ceiling Systems
Insulation Interior Floor Finishing Interior Stairs & Doors
Floor Coverings Door Framing Wood Trim
Plastering Stuccioing Ceramic Tiles
Plaster Base Application Tools & Techniques Cermaic Tile
Structural Coastings Coating Types Surface Preperation
Paint Mixing Paint Conditioning Paint Failures
Wood Preservatives Painting & Safety Advanced Structures
Pre-Engineered Buildings Wood Frame Construction Kspan Building
Timber Trestles Pile Driving Techniques Waterfront Structures

Advanced Builders Manual Covering The Following Topics…

Technical Administration Administration Dutues Building Responsibilites
Training Construction Administration
Safety Environmental Protection Planning
Estimating Scheduling Construction Drawings
Construction Specifications Panning Requirements Estimating
Scheduling CPM Method Engineered Standards
Concrete constructions Concrete Desgin & Mix Procedures & Methods
Masonry construction Masonry Units Components
Requirements Construction Techniques Laying Brick
Structural Clay Tile Stone Masonry Shop Organisation
Millworking Builders Shop Safety Quality Control
Project Inspection Materials Maintenance Inspection
Defects & Damages Building Inspection Repair Procedures
Heavy Construction Heavy Timber Bridges Shoring
Pile Construction Waterfront Structures Timber Fasteners
Timber Connectors Steel Frame Structures Pile Driving Equipment
Safety Issues Advanced Base Components Field Structures
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