The Ultimate Collection of software,guides and training manuals to program PLC’s* (programmable logic controllers) on your computer! With PLC Simulation software for your pc, this collection will allow you to learn everything you will need to know to test and develop programs for plc’s.


– Basic PLC Programming
– Inputs
– Outputs
– Counters
– Timers
– No Hardware PLC Required!
– Test your programs before buying a hardware plc
– Training & Guides
– Full PLC Software Suite
– In Depth Reference Materials

* Definition of a PLC:

A programmable microprocessor-based device that is used in discrete manufacturing to control assembly lines and machinery on the shop floor as well as many other types of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment in a plant. Typically RISC based and programmed in an IEC 61131 programming language, a PLC is designed for realtime use in rugged, industrial environments. Connected to sensors and actuators, PLCs are categorized by the number and type of I/O ports they provide and by their I/O scan rate.

In the late 1960s, PLCs were first used to replace the hardwired networks of relays and timers in automobile assembly lines, which were partially automated at that time. The programmability of the PLC enabled changes to be effected considerably faster.

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