Welding & Metalwork Course on cd

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Welding & Metalwork Course on cd

for those wishing to learn welding and metalwork, whether a beginner or an expert this comprehensive guide will serve as a useful resource for all levels, it contains the following information …- introduction & theory
– safety precautions in welding operations
– general safety precautions
– safety precautions in oxyfuel welding
– safety in arc welding and cutting
– safety precautions for gas shielded arc welding
– safety precautions for welding and cutting containers that have held combustibles
– safety precautions for welding and cutting polyurethane foam filled assemblies
– print reading and welding symbols
– weld and welding symbols
– joint design and preparation of metals
– welding and cutting equipment
– oxyacetylene welding equipment
– oxyacetylene cutting equipment
– arc welding equipment and accessories
– resistance welding equipment
– thermit welding equipment
– forge welding tools and equipment
– welding techniques
– nomenclature of the weld
– types of welds and welded joints
– welding positions
– expansion and contraction in welding operations
– welding problems and solutions
– metals identification
– characteristics section ii – standard metal designations
– general description and weldability of ferrous metals
– general description and weldability of nonferrous metals
– electrodes and filler metals
– types of electrodes section ii – other filler metals
– maintenance welding operations for military equipment
– arc welding and cutting processes
– arc processes
– related processes
– oxygen fuel gas welding procedures
– welding processes and techniques
– welding and brazing ferrous metals
– related processes
– welding, brazing, and soldering nonferrous metals
– special applications
– underwater cutting and welding with the electric arc
– underwater cutting with oxyfuel
– metallizing
– flame cutting steel and cast iron
– flame treating metal
– cutting and hard surfacing with the electric arc
– armor plate welding and cutting
– pipe welding